We fabricate molecular nanodevices in a planar solid-state device geometry using a variety of different techniques: self-breaking of electromigrated Au and Pt wires, electroburning of multilayer graphene to produce nanogaps, (gateable) mechanically-controllable break junctions (MCBJs) and a self-aligned fabrication technique for fabricating nano-spaced electrodes over large lengths. Experiments consist of measuring current-voltage characteristics as a function of various control parameters (temperature, gate voltage, light, magnetic field). In particular, we focus on the molecular signatures in transport such as vibrational modes, redox activity or spin properties. Four research directions can be identified:
  1. Conducting molecules (charging and quantum interference effects)
  2. Molecular magnetism (spin transistors: electric field control over spin)
  3. Nanoparticles (photoconductance and spin-crossover particles)
  4. Nanomechanics (floppy mechanical systems that exhibit highly nonlinear behavior)


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