PhD position on transport through single-molecule transistors at room temperature.

The work involves the mechanically controlled break junction set-up to measure transport through a variety of molecules, while being in solution (including water). A unique set-up has been built up with electrochemical control over the junction conductance. Target molecules include molecular switches, DNA and other bio-based molecules. You will measure their transport properties at room temperatures; fabrication of devices and data analysis will be important aspects of the work. Demonstrating molecular functionality (i.e., conductance changes while modifying the environment by i.e. chemical means or by shining light on the molecules) and understanding the transport mechanisms are the main aims of this project. Unprecendented results are expected as they would constitute the first measurement of these effects on the single-molecule level.

PhD or Postdoc position on sensors of two-dimensional materials (in connection with the graphene flagship)

This project concerns the use of graphene membranes (and possibly also of other two-dimensional layered materials) for sensing applications. Suspended membranes will be fabricated and their (static and dynammic) mechanical properties will be measured with a combination of scanning probe, optical and electrical techniques. You will push for room-temperature operation at the limits of thermal noise. Work will be done in close collaboration with Peter Steeneken (from the company NXP).

Excellent candidates with a background in physics or nanoscience are invited to send their applications to Prof. Dr. Herre van der Zant ( More information including recent papers can be found on the website: